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Membership Dues:

After much discussion amongst the Steering Group Committee and the WIIU membership at large, it has been agreed we do not wish to limit participation from any worker interested in joining the WIIU.

As a result of this agreement, the WIIU have decided to keep monthly membership dues as low as possible and urge anyone in basic agreement with our aims to join us.


Monthly Membership Rates:

Upon registering to become a member of the WIIU, all members in the USA are required to pay monthly membership dues where appropriate.

Established initially in the USA, we have the following monthly rates

$2.00 a month - USA

International membership - FREE

While International membership registration is free, it is hoped that international members who register and join us, will direct their resources towards building industrial unionism in their own countries instead of paying dues to the WIIU-US.

As we grow, authorised chapters are authorised to collect minimal monthly dues which are agreed as appropriate between the host country and International Office based in the USA.

WIIU-US, the WIIU’s International Office will act as a central support centre to members both in the USA and overseas. We will offer both material and moral assistance, supplying internationally designed promotional Items via email.

Upon the setting up of International chapters, all chapters must have an authorisation charter issued, granting them authority to operate within their own country as an official WIIU chapter. For further details, please email us.


Members In Difficulty:

In these uncertain times, we understand that personal circumstances can change very quickly. If any registered member comes into difficulty, they must let the WIIU know as soon as possible and we will look to implement a reduced dues rate where applicable.

Any member in this situation must email –  as soon as possible stating why you are unable to pay dues and that you wish to work out a lower dues rate.

We will then get in touch with you to support you with a membership dues reduction. For us the welfare of members and their families is paramount and is the reason for our very existance. As such we will support members however we can.



To keep organisational costs as low as we can and to allow maximum participation from all workers, all communication from head office is sent via email to keep costs at a minimum.

This not only allows us to keep costs and membership as low as possible, but it also allows members to print of what they actually want and not have inflicted upon them the cost of printing and postage costs.


You’re Responsibilities as a Member

The WIIU places no requirements on its members other than staying current with appropriate dues where applicable.

Having said that, those who do join the WIIU should understand that we are relying upon all members to help build the organization however they can.

While the WIIU is small at present, it is growing both across the USA and also internationally and we need all those who are willing to do what they can to help the WIIU become a strong working class organization, to step forward and become active.

An organization can only go as far as the people who make up its membership, want it to go.

If you want to join and simply be a non-active member then that is fine and we welcome your support. If you want to be active, let us know and lets getting building the WIIU.


Internal Communication

If you would like to discuss the WIIU with current members you are most welcome to join our Google group listed below. Here members tend to discuss more internal matters, where our facebook group is aimed more towards the public and news updates.

To join the Google group, please register here.

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