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Saturday, 26 June 2010 17:24


The WIIU was formed in 1908 as a result of a split with the IWW over the question of political action as part of the program for worker's emancipation from wage slavery. Originally named the Detroit IWW, the union changed it's name in 1915. Throughout its short history the WIIU was closely tied to the Socialist Labor Party. Many SLP members were also WIIU members and vice versa. The union not only attracted current SLP members but also became a haven for ex-members, much to the consternation of National Secretary Arnold Petersen.

A combination of factors led to the WIIU's downfall; among these were the death of Daniel De Leon, foremost advocate of industrial unionism, the Russian revolution and subsequent formation of the U.S. Communist party which led many people on the left to leave their current organizations to follow the CPUSA down it's dead end path. This alone depleted many left organizations and led to their eventual ruin.

By 1924, the SLP had decided to withdraw its support for the WIIU. The reasons given were the need to build the party and to cut loose the WIIU because of it's dwindling membership and a large overlap between the political and economic organizations as far as propaganda work. Some reputable sources say the real reason the SLP chose to part ways with the WIIU was because of its refusal to endorse the SLP. But, this is pure speculation for the most part. One thing is certain though, the SLP could not tolerate the fact that the WIIU freely admitted ex-SLP members.

Given the above situations and a dwindling membership, the WIIU made the decision to disband in 1924.

Fast forward to 2009. After much discussion between a handful of hardy and hard working optimists, the WIIU was revived. The union held a convention in 2010 re-affirming the principles and purpose of the original namesake, and vowed to renew the struggle for genuine socialism.

As with the original, the new WIIU advocates a program based on the work and writings of Daniel De Leon. This program calls on the working class to organize it's strength both economically, through industrial unionism (the WIIU), and politically, by forming a political party of labor to openly proclaim the need for revolutionary change to socialism, and when the revolutionary hour arrives, to capture and dismantle the capitalist state through the use of the ballot. With that victory in hand we shall dismantle the old capitalist executive committee in favor of the new industrial government of all the workers.

The WIIU is not allied with any political party and does not rely on any political entity for support or validation. We are self sufficient and shall remain so. Once the time for political action arrives,as decided by the membership of the union, we will form our own party from our own ranks, and that party shall at all times be under the direct control of the WIIU and its membership.

In the meantime we concentrate on building the WIIU and trying to extend its reach as far as possible. While we are still a small organization, we have a great idea and great things come from small groups with great ambitions.

Join with us today, and help us make these goals a reality. Join the WIIU.

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