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The WIIU program consists of two necessary functions, economic and political action. The primary goal of the WIIU is to organize workers in all industries and services into one great union. This will unite the workers and concentrate their power into one irresistable force for change. While this work is continuing the WIIU will fight the day to day battles for higher wages, better working conditions and greater democracy in the workplace.

Once the union has reached a level of organization where we exert sufficient influence across the nation, we will endorse or even form a political party of labor. The purpose of the party in its early stages will be to expose the fraud of capitalism, encourage workers to join with the movement to create a new system and to challenge the two party dictatorship at the polls. Working class candidates when elected will do all in their power to bring relief to workers.

The final stage will be when the vast majority of workers are organized and ready to take posession of what is rightfully the property of society, all of the means of production and distribution, all of the services, and everything needed to produce for the needs and wants of all the people. The political party of labor will then have only one mission to complete- to express clearly the desire of the majority, the working class, that capitalism and class rule is at an end and the weapon to be used to facilitate that change will be the ballot.

But, we are realists, and understand full well that the ruling class will never allow its system to be voted out of existence. Here is where the economic organization of the WIIU comes into play. We, the workers, will simply take posession of the means of production anyway, having been denied the right to express our desire for a new system via the means they proclaim as the civilized method of change. We will hold the economic might to force capitalism out of existence. The new system will then burst out of the shell of the old and we will take control of our own destinies.

We will then begin a reconstruction of our society. Production for use will replace production for profit. The workers will receive in return for their labor the full social value of what they produce. There will be no more involuntary unemployment, everyone who wants to work will have a job. Our communities will also be freed from the fake democracy of capitalism. They will elect representatives who will facilitate production based on the needs and wants of the people. In other words, we will usher in a new era of genuine democracy.

At present we are in the first stage of our program, building the WIIU. We need workers who realize that this system does not function in our interests. We need workers who see a better brighter future for themselves and their brothers and sisters. We need workers who are ready to organize themselves to start down the path to a better life for all. We in the WIIU call upon all workers to join with us and help us hasten the day when genuine democracy will prevail.